If the Manor is unavailable the night before your wedding, we recommend a day-of rehearsal with everyone except the bride. This usually takes about 30 minutes. Everyone will already be at the venue, so it’s very efficient.
Alcohol cannot be served 30 minutes before send-off.
Hillwood Manor kindly asks you to discuss a specific clean up and tear down plan with your catering vendor and wedding coordinator.
We recommend telling your bridal party and groomsmen (or a clean-up committee) to tidy up the Manor before the photographer arrives.
Send-off must be by 11 p.m. and tear-down needs to be completed by midnight. Your catering and coordinator will have a cleaning check list to complete. All belongings and individuals must be out by 12:00.
If you’d like to have your bridal portraits or engagement photos at Hillwood Manor, please contact jenniejroden@gmail.com. You may also schedule a time to bring your planner to the venue.